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Stacy Zant #1 International best-selling Author on Amazon is a passionate speaker, recording artist, television featured performing artist/actress, founder, content creator, mentor/coach and host of The Radiant Pearl Living Podcast. She enjoys writing, designing and sharing amazing resources that will make a difference in the lives of others. Her 1st book was published at the age of 17 and she has since designed custom planners, prayer journals, written award winning featured Praise and Worship songs and provide invaluable resources through her blog and collaborative partnerships that include an awarded grant for quality arts programming and one of her podcasts.You can follow her on Instagram @ladystacyzant, on Facebook @StacyZantCreate and on her Podcasts-Radiant Pearl Living & The Fearless Creator.

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TFC Summit Speaker Dhomonique MurphyDhomonique Murphy - 3x Emmy Winner, Founder & Pres. Media Mastery Now, LLC (Entrpreneurship)
Command The Room: Visibility = Credibility = Profitability

Dhomonique Murphy is a 3x Emmy Award Winning Storyteller & Television Journalist. She was named “Most Photogenic” at Mrs. America(n) 2021 and was crowned Mrs. Virginia American 2020. Dhomonique has appeared on stages across the nation and has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, FOX, ABC, NBC, HSN, CBS and countless radio, print, and local television platforms. She is also the recipient of the coveted Salute to Excellence Award from the National Association of Black Journalists—a nationally recognized award.

Dhomonique is the President of Media Mastery Now, a premiere media training agency that helps professionals land media opportunities, find their voice, craft unforgettable stories behind their brands and become influencers.

Dhomonique is the Founder, Host and President of The Right Method ( where she interviews some of the world’s most notable business icons and motivators. She conducted the interviews inside the living rooms of these individuals to learn their secrets of success. She has been endorsed by the co-founder of Constant Contact Alec Stern, Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, New York Times Best Selling Author Sharon Lechter, co-founder of Jeff Hoffman, famed motivational speaker Brian Tracy, and many others. Dhomonique is a published author of RESET: Attitude is Everything and RESET 2.

TFC Summit Speaker Profile April Beach

April Beach - Online Business Launch and Scale Strategist (Entrepreneurship)
How To Create Your Signature Online Program and Scale Your Business for Lifestyle Freedom

April Beach is an Online Business Strategist and founder of The SweetLife Company™. She works with entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to launch and scale their company through her consulting, courses, masterclasses, masterminds, retreats, and top-rated SweetLife Entrepreneur Podcast™.

As a life-long lifestyle entrepreneur, non-profit founder, author, speaker and mom of three, April created the SweetLife Business Roadmap™, a streamlined transformational method that gives entrepreneurs predictable results to design signature programs, courses, and online business models. Featured by MSNBC, TODAY, and FOX NEWS, in the NY Times, Denver Business Journal, named Top 50 Moms In Podcasting, The Greatest Thinker of 2011, and seen in publications like Patagonia Magazine, 5280 Magazine, and Austin Women’s Magazine, April has become a go-to resource in online business design for entrepreneurs who want high-profit, deep-purpose, and lifestyle freedom. April has coached entrepreneurs in 17 countries for over 25 years to successfully launch and scale their business online.

TFC Summit Speaker Profile JimDre Westbrook

JimDre Westbrook - Purpose Coach (Entrpreneurship)
How to Run With The Vision You Have Been Given and Build Community to Bring Visibility to Your Message and Brand

JimDre Westbrook is a Believer, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author from Saginaw, Michigan. The 37-year-old has been featured in Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, JET, xoNecole, TVOne and the Steve Harvey Show for his commitment as a virgin, celibate man living in Las Vegas.

As a purpose coach, JimDre helps insecure Believers unlock purpose to confidently live at their own pace abundantly without fear.

JimDre is also the Founder and Host of the God Ideas club on Clubhouse. It has over 23,000 members and it is one of the Top 5 Christianity clubs on Clubhouse.

The Fearless Creator Summit Speaker Profile Tamra Andress of The Fit in Faith PodcastTamra Andress - Purpose Activator & Podcaster (Podcasting)
How to Activate Your Purpose and Amplify Your Voice as a Podcaster

Tamra Andress is a purpose activator who has guided start-up women-owned companies to over $350K in income during COVID 2020. She is the CEO & founder of CORE Creatives Christian women's business membership and The Joyful Entrepreneur coaching program. She’s the host of the top 2.5% globally ranked Fit in Faith Podcast serving to illuminate, create & activate God-centered women within the faith and business sector to propel Kingdom impact. She was additionally featured as the TOP 500 Global Influencer list by Brainz Magazine, alongside Gary Vaynerchuk and Mel Robbins. She’s a wife and mama of 2 as well as a certified ordained minister, international retreat host, and author. She’s a born and raised beach babe, lifetime fitness lover, and travel junkie, living life one Godwink to the next!

TFC Summit Speaker Profile Dr. Adair White JohnsonDr. Adair White-Johnson - Book Writing Coach & Mentor (Authorship)
The Four-Step Method to Write & Publish your Book in less than 90 Days!

Master Writing Coach, Publisher, Motivational Speaker, and International Bestselling Author, Dr. Adair f. White-johnson (affectionately known as “Dr. Adair”) is a leading authority on motivating, inspiring, and empowering individuals to move towards positive change, become resilient, and to bounce back after hitting rock bottom. She specializes in helping women and teens build their confidence levels to become equipped and empowered to pursue their passion, to persevere in their purpose, and to “Get Over It!” In addition, Dr. Adair teaches aspiring authors how to write and self-publish books using her unique system.

As the International Bestselling Author of 13 books, three calendar planners, and three curricula that include "21 Ways to Get Over It! What You Should Know,” “21 Ways to Get Over It! What You Should Know for Teens,” “How to Get Over It! in 30 Days Parts I, II, and III,” “Teen Dating Violence and Academic Achievement: The Power of Connection,” “White Girl Speaks! Powerful Words of Inspiration for Leadership and Success in your Life,” “Get Over It! How to Bounce Back After Hitting Rock Bottom,” and “Get Over It! How to Bounce Back After Hitting Rock Bottom for Teens,” Dr. Adair focuses on teaching teens, young adults, and women how to become empowered, resilient, and become change agents in their lives despite any trauma that they have experienced. Also, Dr. Adair trains educators to use evidence-based, effective methods to work with youth traumatized and who need assistance.

A State University of New York at Buffalo graduate who earned a Ph.D., a Certificate of Advanced Studies, and a Master’s degree in Counseling, Dr. Adair has provided motivational, creative, and unique services for over thirty years. She also created an empowerment and resiliency curriculum for teens. This program is aligned with the National Common Core Standards and the American School Counselor Association National Model. She has collaborated with The Still Standing Foundation to create a comprehensive and informative curriculum and program, “Teen Dating Violence, Unhealthy Relationships, and Academic Achievement: The Power of Connection.” Her third curriculum, “21 Ways to Get Over It! for Teens: What You Need to Know,” motivates, inspires, and empowers teens for leadership and success.

TFC Summit Speaker Profile JoDitt Williams

JoDitt Williams - Artist, Author, Entrepreneur (Entrpreneurship)
How to Show Up Boldly and Creatively as an Artist to Build Your Brand and Impact

JoDitt Williams is the owner/founder of JoDitt Designs, host of the Delight in the Word Monthly Challenges, and Amazon Bestselling author/artist of "Delight in the Word of God Devotional Coloring Book for Adults", and other Bible studies and coloring journals. She is passionate about helping women use the power of pretty and creativity to delight in the written Word of God and connect with the living Word of God, so they can easily move from striving to thriving. That is why JoDitt creates beautiful books, journals, art, online courses, live workshops and more that equip women to accelerate their own spiritual growth and transformation while effortlessly renewing their minds and joyfully nurturing their souls. Visit her blog and online shop at to learn more.

TFC Summit Speaker Profile Morgan TracyMorgan James - Influencer (YouTube)
How to Establish a Morning Routine That Works For You While Building Your YouTube Empire

Morgan Tracy J. is an Empowerment Speaker and the Founder of His Daughter's Closet Ministries. Morgan shares weekly faith-related videos and blog posts on Faith, Fashion, and Fearlessness to over sixty-thousand women. Her Ministry has youth programs, givebacks, and initiatives. Morgan loves empowering women and long walks with her dog Monti.

TFC Summit Speaker Profile Tara Geraghty

Tara Geraghty - Founder & President of Hey Girl, You Can (Entrepreneurship)
Fear, Fun and Fulfilling your Purpose

Tara has spent over 23+ years in leadership development leading a team of women across the nation. She holds a degree in theater, has a background in improvisation and is both Counseling Practitioner and REBT certified.  She is the founder of Hey Girl, You Can  a community of 30,000 women from around the world. Tara is a sought after Top 5 TEDx speaker, the Author of Making Cancer Fun: A Parent's Guide (Amazon #1 New Release), and has been featured on MSNBC, GMA, 5280 & Reader’s Digest to name a few. She is a contributing author on Every Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running your Own Business, a contributor to Conquer Magazine: The Patient’s Voice, and can be heard on podcasts worldwide.  She volunteers her time as a member of the JLMC and the NJ State & Public Affairs Committee. Tara lives in NJ with her miracle kid daughter Emily Grace.  You can find Tara online at and

TFC Summit Speaker Profile Gerald MooreGerald Moore - (Authorship)
How to Become Successful at Everything You Do

Mr. Moore is a powerful speaker who uses his story as at-risk youth to change the narrative for disadvantaged and underserved students. He teaches how he overcame being a low achieving student to working for some of the top consulting firms in the world. Mr. Moore leverages his experience with racism in corporate America as a diversity and inclusion speaker focusing on how to discuss race in the workplace.

Mr. Moore is a graduate of Norfolk State University where he achieved a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. He has over 20 years of experience as a federal government contractor as an information Technology and Cybersecurity Engineer. He has also worked as an educator in the public school system teaching technology.

Mr. Moore is a two-time Amazon Best Selling Author most noted for his first title “Motivate Black Boys - How to Prepare for Careers in STEM.” He is also the founder of Mission Fulfilled 2030 nonprofit organization and the Technology School for Black boys. He has been featured by many media outlets and publications such as Black Enterprise, NBC, Sirius Radio, iHeart, Washington Times.

TFC Summit Speaker Profile Trena Little

Trena Little - YouTube Strategist (YouTube)
Create A Binge Worth YouTube Channel That Drives You Sales Around The Clock!

As a Youtube strategist, Trena, who has a Master’s Degree in Business, helps online business owners develop a YouTube strategy that allows them to scale their business, by driving more leads with the right videos! She creates YouTube videos that do the heavy lifting for free, and work for her 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

TFC Summit Speaker Profile Oriana ChunOriana Chun - Purpose & Wellness Coach  (Entrepreneurship)
The Most Effective Ways to Make Time to Network, Recharge and Find Mentorship in Community as a Growing Entrepreneur

Oriana is a speaker, ordained minister and serves as a Purpose and Wellness coach. She focusing on creating a stable environment for the Mind, Body, and Spirit from an Agape approach. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and served proudly as a United States Air Force member working in Law Enforcement and Security. These two experiences allowed her to work with a diverse population while providing the knowledge and environment to grow her skills. She is originally from Valdosta Georgia, raised as a youth in Japan and transplanted to Las Vegas Nevada in her older adolescent years.

Oriana has traveled many places both nationally and internationally. A few of her favorites include Idaho, Paris, South Korea, and several islands in the Caribbean.
She is now a joyfully married wife and mother raising 7 children, 6 of which are biologically hers. For Oriana, serving people and demonstrating God’s love is both humbling and rewarding. She finds it promotes consistent maturing on her part and brings an even closer walk for her with God. When she is not working with people, she enjoys gardening, the outdoors with her family, hosting events with friends, and creating gatherings for her community virtually and in person. Oriana values the ability to provide opportunities for connection, for all God’s people both in and outside the faith based community. She has a strong desire to create atmospheres making people aware of a peaceful presence and hopeful it leads to the discovery of the Holy Spirit.

TFC Summit Speaker Profile Sonia Adams

Sonia Adams - Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Purpose Igniter (Authorship)
Purposely Publish Your Next Book to Impact

Sonia is a dynamic communicator and shares a relevant perspective in her writing and speaking that empowers women. She is transparent about how she became a tenacious woman who has risen to tell her story and encourage others. Her wisdom crushes the barriers that keep women from receiving physical, mental, and spiritual healing. An encounter from her teaching awakens a fire and passion which causes women to pursue and fully walk in their purpose. People are waiting on Sonia and problems need her solutions. It’s through her journey, trials, process, and tears she has come to a resolve to be authentically herself. She is very transparent and real about growing into womanhood and the challenges of being a female in a male-dominant culture but reveals how she became a tenacious and triumphant woman who has risen to tell her story and empower women.

Sonia self-published three books and two guides including I Am Pretty, I Am Ready, Only A Little Distance To Success, and I Am Married, released in the fall of 2020.

From her I am Pretty book ignited the I Am Pretty movement. The Blossom Network collaborates with the I Am Pretty Community which is composed of women who desire to build a community and garner relationships and conversations amongst young and mature women nationally and internationally. This community allows conversation, builds sisterhood, and growth in their relationship with God. She hosts conferences (virtual and live), workshops, and masterclasses to help women expand and grow. She welcomes women everywhere to join the and help the network blossom.

She received her BS from Tuskegee University and her MA in Theology from Oral Roberts University. Sonia is married to Shawn Adams with their sons, Solomon, and Simeon Michael Adams.

The Fearless Creator Summit Speaker Profile Jacy PulfordJacy Pulford - Author,  Artist & Podcaster (Entrepreneurship)
Spiritual Boundaries as a Christian Creative & Podcaster

Jacy Lee Pulford is a self-published Christian writer, artist and podcaster. She has written and spoken into difficult topics like emotional purity and the power of influence through the ministry of Hello Awesome. Jacy resides with her husband Jonathan and their two sons in Connecticut.

The Fearless Creator Summit Speaker Profile Camille Robinson

Camille Robinson - Podcast Coach and Global Podcaster (Podcasting)
The Best Ways to Tell Stories that Uplift and Motivate Others as a Podcaster

Camille Joy is a wife and a Mom to 5 amazing boys. She wears many hats entrepreneur, podcaster, survivor, advocate, and a voice of hope to the brokenhearted mommy. Like her name, Camille is a woman of joy who uses her various platforms to spread the love of Jesus and the joy of the Lord to men and women rebuilding their lives after facing tragedy, adversity, and loss.

As a form of self-expression and healing, Camille Joy launched her podcast, Moments of Joy in 2018 to encourage, uplift, and motivate people who are rebuilding their lives after experiencing traumatic situations. Through the weekly podcast, she shares her own life experiences and inspiring stories from other moms around the world. She is the founder of an international Moms Club, called The Real Moms Club. Her hope and mission is to unite moms from all over the world through community.

The Fearless Creator Summit Speaker Profile Kellee Williams of The Chica LifeKellee Williams - Lifestyle Management Coach & Podcaster (Entrepreneurship)
How to Cut Through the Clutter

As a wife, mother, and Lifestyle Management Coach Kellee Williams has found passion in serving others. Intentional about using her faith as the driving force behind all that she does, it is her pleasure to teach and inspire women to learn how to gain peace in their lives, be more productive in their homes, and more profitable in business.

The Fearless Creator Summit Speaker Profile Judi Fox of LinkedIn Accelerator

Judi Fox - LinkedIn Business Accelerator (Entrepreneurship)
How to Utilize LinkedIn as an Entrepreneur to Get Visibility and Increase Sales

Judi Fox is a Business Visibility secret weapon for Executives and Business Owners. She has been featured in Yahoo Finance as a Top 10 LinkedIn Coach. After generating over 5 million views on LinkedIn in the last two years, Judi developed the LinkedIn Business Accelerator Method. Now over 200 of her clients are implementing her LinkedIn Method in order to achieve significantly more business and generated over 1 million content views in just 90 days

With over 20 years of experience in business development and sales, Judi has spoken at events like VidSummit, Video Marketing World, Housing Wire, Content Marketing Conference, Social Media Week, and shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuck, Pat Flynn, and Chalene Johnson.

The Fearless Creator Summit Speaker Profile Shyra Lowe of Spelman CollegeShyra Lowe - Minister & Speaker (Entrepreneurship)
Successfully Transform lives One Social Media and Physical Platform At a Time

Minister Shyra Lowe has served in the Healthcare Industry and in Christian Ministry for more than 20 years. She is a graduate of Spelman College with a degree in Political Science and Public Policy and she also holds a degree from The Way Leadership Academy in Biblical Studies and Christian Leadership.

She currently holds a Healthcare Executive Leadership role for a top Fortune 500 company in Southern California and also hosts weekly Clubhouse Rooms that allows her to minister to more than 500+ people per week. She is the loving mother to one amazing, beautiful and super kind honor student and daughter. She loves to dance, paint ball and play laser tag when not working or serving in ministry. She loves feeding and serving the homeless in the USA and via medical missions trips to Africa. She is a well known moderator and has spoken on various platforms in the United States and around the world and on social media. Dialoguing, sharing and discipling people to success!