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Meet Your Host:

A passionate speaker, recording artist, television featured performing artist/actress, founder, content creator, mentor/coach and host of The Radiant Pearl Living and The Fearless Creator Podcasts. I’ve enjoyed pouring into the lives of others as an author, designer, planner, organizing life changing events and sharing amazing resources that will make a difference in the lives of others.

My 1st book was published at the age of 17 and it has brought me much joy to design custom planners, prayer journals, write award winning featured Praise and Worship songs and provide invaluable resources through blogging and collaborative partnerships that include an awarded grant for quality arts programming through the award winning non-profit organization G.O.A.L founded in 2009, podcasts and now this summit. I’m here to help you “Use your gifts, Be Fearless & Profitable!”

Meet Your Speakers

TFC Summit 2023 Web Profile LaQuisha Hall

LaQuisha Hall

Fearless Florals 

LaQuisha Hall began her creative journey in her early teen years. She engaged in a lot of journaling and drawing because she had no outlet or safe place to reveal that she was sexually abused. Being creative was an escape for LaQuisha–an opportunity to see herself in a better place. She found that this was a therapeutic way for her to release stress and give a visual voice to her darkest secret. She is now the Confident Canvas God called her to be–a masterpiece!

Since starting her brand, Confident Canvas, LaQuisha has created, taught classes internationally and co-authored a book to support others in finding their own creative voice. She is skilled at bible journaling, mixed media, hand lettering, journaling, drawing, painting and more! LaQuisha works with many creative brands and platforms, including Illustrated Faith.

Melissa Shanhun

Start Digital Scrapbooking

G’day, I’m Melissa, Aussie mum, digital scrapbooker, professional organizer and teacher. Digital scrapbooking helps me tell the stories in our life. I love the versatility of digi scrapping. I would love to introduce you to the joy of scrapbooking with your computer. I’ve been teaching and working with Adobe Photoshop Elements for many years, and my career in education gives me the unique blend of skills needed to teach the technology skills, without the stress and fuss.

Claudia Gonzalez

Pursue Your Dreams through goal setting and planning digitally and beautifully!

Hey there! I’m Claudia, a digital creator dedicated to simplifying and organizing life’s goals and plans. With a strong passion for making life easier, I specialize in designing and developing digital planners and systems that truly work. Join me on the journey to streamline your life and achieve your dreams effortlessly.

TFC Summit 2023 Web Profile Allie Trumpower

Allie Trumpower

Fun New Approaches to “Modern” Scrapbooking

Allie Bandy-Trumpower has been scrapbooking for over 25 years– what started as mother-daughter bonding time, quickly turned into a hobby and career as Allie studied graphic design and business marketing in college and launched her own scrapbooking shop and blog. Allie’s brand AllieScraps focuses on scrapbooking, bible journaling, mixed media, and planner printables.

TFC Summit 2023 Web Profile JoDitt Williams

JoDitt Williams

Coloring & Bible Journaling Tips for Beginners

JoDitt Williams is an Amazon bestselling author/artist of several books including, I Am Enough: Self Care Bible Study & Coloring Prayer Journal and the Delight in the Word of God Devotional Coloring Book Series. Her fun, interactive Bible studies, devotional coloring books, and prayer journals help Christian women and teens to easily hide God’s Word in their hearts and deepen their relationship with Jesus through the power of pretty and creativity.

Laura Jane - Creative Fabrica

The Power of Fonts and Graphics for Developing Your Brand Identity

Full time creative working from her home studio in Sardegna. Laura Jane’s colourful illustrations are full of uplifting quotes to help you feel GOOD about yourself. Now you can add these pops of positivity and inspiration to all your devices with her bright, colourful & playful illustrations!

TFC Summit 2023 Web Profile Cara Vincens

Cara Vincens

Make Your Organisation Beautiful Through Intentional and Consistent Planning

Two things that make Cara absolutely giddy are good organisation and papercrafting! She’s combined these two loves to create amazing classes and a stationery subscription box to help busy women stay on top of all of their tasks and have fun while they do it with pretty stickers. With 6 children, life is busy, so good organisation is essential and so is me-time! Decorating her planner allows Cara that me time all while keeping organised.

TFC Summit 2023 Web Profile Cherina Booker

Cherina Booker

Unlocking the Power of AI for your Printables

Cherina of Cherie La Vie Designs is a self professed #plannergirl, educator, mommy, wife and small business owner. She has been OBSESSED with planners my whole life. In 2016, she started an etsy shop selling planner stickers and then turned to digital products only in 2018 after experiencing burnout. In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, she launched a commercial use template shop.
Cherina has been using AI in her business to optimize product listing, draft sales copy and more since 2021. With the launch of ChatGPT, she now uses AI to cut her production time for templates, planners, course content and more in half. AI has helped her to launch 2 memberships and multiple courses that teach other digital product sellers how to work smarter to research, create, sell and market their products with the help of AI. She now has coached over 700 digital business owners through her various courses and memberships.

Jenny Melrose

The Power of Pitching and Gaining Sponsorships as a Creator Online

Jenny is a former reading specialist who “retired” from her teaching career when her blogging income far exceeded her salary. Through hard work and dedication, her lifestyle blog, The Melrose Family, became regularly sought out by nationally recognized brands such as Neutrogena, Smuckers, Glad, Costco, Stanley Steamer, Sara Lee, and many more. She is a content strategist that helps entrepreneurs better understand their messaging and unique position in the online space. Now, she’s combining her passion for teaching with her extensive experience of creating strategic content for online business owners via and her podcast, Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose as well as her first book Influencer Entrepreneurs: The 4-Step Framework to Building Your Audience, Growing Your Business, and Making More Money Online.

Faith Lee

Add Multiple Streams of Income to Your Brand & Business with Digital and Innovative Offers

Faith is a mom of three and has been blogging since early 2018. In the last two years, she has created more than 100 PLR products as well as over 60 design and online marketing courses. Her mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs build their online business in fuss-free and simple ways. Dozens of clients have built a profitable business under Faith’s guidance through her 1:1 Boost Your Sales Mastermind coaching program as well as Design Your Biz Mastermind group coaching program.

Faith is the owner of and she helps online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling digital products with effective email marketing. In the last two years, more than 7000 students have gone through Faith’s design and online marketing courses and she has conducted over 520 business consultation sessions. Under her guidance, Faith’s clients have created and sold their first digital products and made their first $100, $1000, and beyond in their online businesses. When she’s not working, you’ll find Faith at the gym hitting the bags at Muay Thai classes and practising her newly-acquired Jiu Jitsu skills on her children.


Melanie Ferguson

17 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Melanie is the full-time content creator and blogger behind the brand Southern Crush at Home where she shares all things crafty, easy recipes, and home decorating ideas. She has grown a combined audience of over half a million followers across platforms, works with top brands, and hosts a seasonal virtual crafting event called the Craftathon. Her passion is helping other creatives grow an online audience and make money via her podcast “Creatives on Fire”. When she’s not out in her ‘crafting garage’ she enjoys taking long walks down the aisles of a thrift store while sipping her cafe latte and nibbling on a pink sugar iced Crumbl cookie. 


TFC Summit 2023 Web Profile Cherish Flieder

Cherish Flieder

The Value and Beauty Behind The Art of Licensing

Cherish Flieder, a Colorado native, grew up with breathtaking sunsets over the Rockies, fields of wildflowers, and a passion for making art. Her watercolor lifestyle brand called “Something to Cherish®” is inspired by the beauty of nature. Cherish is an award-winning artist, art licensing community founder, and adjunct faculty member at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. She has created thousands of images for fashion designs, books, crafts, stationery, and home décor goods enjoyed around the globe. Cherish empowers artists to succeed through her leadership in the “Art of Licensing” online network and mentors creative entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

TFC Summit 2023 Web Profile Cat Griffin

Cat Griffin

Tips and Ways You Can Collaborate and Build Your Presence Intentionally on Social Media

Cat is a dynamic and multi-passionate entrepreneur who embraces collaboration, infuses fun into business, and fearlessly tries new ventures. Her business journey began somewhat accidentally when she grew an Instagram account to a 100k following, initially driven by a bet. Drawing upon the knowledge and strategies she acquired, Cat combined this with her passion for teaching to develop an array of tools and courses. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs in leveraging the immense potential of social media for their own businesses.

In addition Cat has expanded her business portfolio to include hosting a series of collaborative events annually. These events foster connection and growth among entrepreneurs at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Furthermore, she offers a diverse range of courses tailored to help small business owners amplify their visibility and achieve remarkable results.


Oriana Chun

Finding Harmony in Self for Life and Business

Oriana Chun, a 41-year-old Air Force veteran, has traversed a remarkable journey of resilience and transformation. Raised between Japan and Las Vegas, Oriana’s life has been defined by her commitment to service and her passion for empowering women.

Following military service, Oriana’s time in the Air Force was marked by dedication to justice and security. However, a personal trauma led to her medical discharge and a path of self-discovery.

Today, Oriana is a fervent advocate for women, especially those who choose to invest in their homes and families. Having been married for 10 years, caring for nine children, raising seven and giving birth to six she believes in embracing the role of wife and mother with passion, as it births endless possibilities. Through workshops and mentoring, Oriana inspires women to find strength and purpose, reminding them that their chosen path can be both fulfilling and transformative.
Oriana Chun’s journey encapsulates the power of turning challenges into opportunities and inspiring others to embrace their roles with unwavering passion.

Misty Lewis

Create Confidently: Embracing Your Visions Fearlessly with a Little Help from AI

I’m Misty, the multi-passionate mom behind Teal Ribbon Templates, where it is my goal to give digital product creators a head start. When I’m not creating templates on Canva, I’m playing Minecraft with my son, thrifting with my daughter, or watching Harry Potter for the 1,379th time.

Jennifer Rizzo

Jennifer Rizzo

It’s Never Too Late To Begin Something New

Since 2007, Jennifer Rizzo has grown her online brand as a licensed artist, lifestyle content creator, author and designer.

As a content creator, she has been featured in and has produced projects for over 20+ publications such as Country Living magazine, Romantic Homes,, This Old house, and WGN channel 9 midday news.

Jennifer teaches creative classes, on-line and in person art and creative video e-courses, and speaks at public engagements. As a content creator, she’s works with national brands such as Michaels, Decoart, and Cricut and with in content creation and as an ambassador, including free-lance written and video content.

As a licensed artist and product designer, she has over 15 years of retail and wholesale experience with her own wholesale product line featuring her artwork.

With her long term experience in retail/wholesale and social media, she now also free-lance consults with small businesses on SEO, niche social media marketing, customer experience, branded marketing, direct to consumer marketing, and how to leverage and grow their online presence to creatively reach their customer and build their brand.

Shannon Layne

Overcoming Creative Blocks and Cultivating Fearless Creativity

Hello, My name is Shannon! I’m a Hand Letterer, Artist and Content Creator from Barbados. I’ve been wielding brush pens and paint brushes 6 years and so far, my journey in the art world has been filled with splatters, spills, and a whole lot of joy and creativity! I love experimenting with a range of supplies from markers to watercolor,acrylic and even digitally in Procreate!

I believe that art is a fantastic way to express yourself and let your imagination run wild. So, get ready to unleash your creativity together!

Andrea Haglund

Press Record & Create – Video Creation Made Simple

Hi! I’m Andrea and the owner, found and chief creative at My Very Crafty Life. My goal is to help you as makers, crafters & creatives succeed at sharing and creating the items that you dream to create. Being an artist isn’t something that I naturally called myself but over time I’ve come to realize my love on technology, sharing to help others grow and my creativity could all be blended into the business I’ve created today. I look forward to sharing, learning and growing together through this amazing summit. Happy Creating!

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